Tantric massage, body de-armouring and sexual therapy 

Free yourself from traumas to make space for joy, love and pleasure. A personalized therapy to create a deeper connection with your own heart and body.

Negative experiences, sexual and emotional traumas, cultural repression and constraint over the body, all of these join to disconnect us from our own body, from our sensations. Layers of stored emotions, the "armour", make some parts of the body go numb or painful by the tightening of muscle tissues. Though these emotions and the physical effects of negative experiences can be stored in any part of the body, they are more often creating blockages in three particular areas :

- Rib cage (think of the contraction you feel in this area when you are sad or angry)

- Belly and internal organs (think of the ball of tension you feel when you are under stress or feel shame)

- The genitals (extremely sensitive and too often disregarded, molested, whose needs and sensations are frequently ignored)

Receiving a de-armouring therapy can be essential for physical and emotional well-being, and for one's sexual life to bloom. It is a deep full body massage that aims to take off the "armour", to strip away layers of trapped negative emotions that are creating numbness or pain in the body. It will make your body reach its original state : the openness to sensations and pleasure. 

The massage I am offering you is not a relaxation oriented body treatment. It is a therapy that can make emotions and dark memories come up during the session. This is an essential - tough though it can be - step for you to get rid of them with the tools I will help you to use (sound, breathing, body movement, talking). 

Practically, what should I expect ? 

It is a four hour massage. Four hours entirely dedicated to self-exploration of your body, your sensations, your blocages, your sensibility to pleasure, in a safe and judgement-free space. During intercourse, worries and expectations (like giving pleasure to your partner, "succeeding" in having an orgasm, etc.) make it very difficult to have a full attention to your sensations. During the massage, you have four hours for this, for you. Therefore you have a full control on how the massage unfolds. Signals will be set up to make communication easy, and to stop the massage at any moment you want. Consent will be reestablished before any step that brings the level of intimacy further.


The session starts with a relaxation and an active meditation adapted from Osho, in order to start letting go and accessing one's emotions through breathing, movement and sounds.  

The bodywork itself is inspired from both occidental therapy breakthroughs and oriental traditions (Tantra, Taoism, Thaï massage). If you want and need it, the massage ends with a  Yoni massage (Yoni is the name used in tantra for female genitals). 

Adding to possible traumas linked to violence or to the association of sexuality with negative feelings - shame, guilt, disgust, etc. -, emotional traces of any unsatisfaying intercourse remain in the muscle tissues of the genitals. Gradually, this area becomes tensed, painful, numb. The Yoni massage aims to bring openness and sensitivity back. It is a very soft though deep massage of the different parts (external and internal) of the Yoni : pelvic floor muscles, G-spot, cervix. If you wish, you will have the opportunity to bring emotional detox and letting go to another level by triggering female ejaculation (which can have a very powerful therapeutic effect). 

The masseur will stay fully dressed during the session. 

I choose to only have one client a day in order to fully dedicate myself to the healing of this person.

For what, for who ?  

In which situation can this massage help in a lasting an radical way ? 

- Traumas or emotions stored in the body

- Pain during intercourse

- Vaginism / involuntary vaginal contraction

- Difficulty to orgasm

- Difficulty to feel pleasure

- Fear of intimacy

- Fear of intercourse

- Negative relation to one's own body

- Remaining effects of past sexual abuse

This massage is also recommended to all those who want to bring their sexual life and the connexion to their body to another level - even though they don't have any particular issue with sexuality :  

- Experience more intense orgasms

- Experience female ejaculation

- Increase your body sensibility

- Have a deeper knowledge of your body

- Learn some connexion rituals to start intercourse


This therapy can be held in english, french or spanish.

The price for a session (4 to 5 hours) is 300€.

Money must not be an obstacle for the therapy. Please contact me so we can find a way to accomodate both of us, depending on your financial capacities.

Sessions take place in Paris.


I graduated at the french Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris. I discovered my therapeutical vocation by training and  working in Asia. During a few years, I developed my yoga and meditation practice, and I got initiated to Tantra in the first-rate school of Chiang Mai, Thaïland. Considering the sense of touch to be the ultimate sense of communication and healing, I chose to train in emotional detox tantric massage with Mal Weeraratne and the Tantric Journey School of Healing and Awakening. I then worked in London and in Spain. I have now decided to settle in Paris.  

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You can hear me talk about my massage and my experiences on Alexis Feltesse's podcast, Transgressions positives (in french).